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Leafdesign revamping retail branding & signage system A PAN INDIA HOME PRODUCTS RETAIL CHAIN

 Client: House Full
Location: Mumbai & Pune
Work: Branding and Retail Environment


House Full, a pan India retail chain of large-format stores specialising in the business of home beautification, home building and home entertainment, needed a different theme and look, while communicating value and enhancing their USP of ‘concept rooms’. A definitive theme was required to bind the in-store communication and the complete wayfinding system together: all this to create a singular and lasting impression on the mind of every consumer.


Circle of life 
‘Circle of life’ was chosen as a theme: the circle of trust, security and belongingness—a self-contained completeness and perfection, a full stop to home decor. A graphic treatment adopted as the ‘circle’ theme was expanded to dots as well— these circular forms came together to convey the same message across the in-store media. Colour schemes matched categories and products—brown for furniture, blue for bathrooms and so on. From signage designs to store branding, all communication was developed based on the store space and products including posters, wall theme graphics and concept room details. Service counters, posters, façade designs and totem signage—all bore the same consistent look and visual language, which helped House Full to come as a coherent idea.


GRAPHIC TREATMENT: The design develops an ambience with which customers entering the store would be greeted by an interesting mix of colour and circular shapes. The ‘circle of life’—which creates a connectivity and flow across the store—is emphasised by using forms developed by various permutations and combinations.

Signage category


The circular format was used to create uniformity, yet diversity, in messages. From living room to bathroom, appropriate colours were selected to convey a range of main categories. Circular elements were used as a pattern to form an illusion of circles as a background to the identification signage placed near the category areas. Sun board was used as the edges painted in the same colour as digital print along with a simple and easy fixture system.


Different types of service counter signage were created for easy identification. Red, the key brand colour, was used extensively even as the signage was placed near the services area. Here also, sun board was used as the edges painted in the same colour as digital print.



 Direction signage was used to depict clearly the orientation and sequence of a particular category. Once again, the circular form was used to maintain a similar look and feel. For further orientation, a location map was included in the signage. The signage was wall mounted, perpendicular to the passage corridor.


Concept rooms are an exclusive concept of House Full—and so the signage needed a special touch. Such signage was placed outside each of the concept room to denote different areas. The ‘number’ depicted in the signage is the unit number identification of each room with changeable vinyl.


All communication posters used a common device—split into four categories: Trust Messages, Store Services, Tips on Home Decor and Store Messages, each with a standard format structure that was created for different categories. These posters were placed strategically. For instance, Store Messages was kept near the service area. From pillars to T-sections, these posters were spread over the store and accordingly their dimensions changed. The posters were in digital vinyl prints, pasted between two acrylic sheets, mounted on walls and pillars.



To mark a subtle difference between signage and wall graphics, Brand theme graphics were used in the entrance and exit corridor areas to enhance the brand experience of the store. For instance, the ‘Thank You message’ in full height wall graphics placed next to the exit corridor walls.


Large hoarding size printed flex banner. 
The Brand Elements integrated with happy Family Pictures, Trust Message and Category Names help convey the welcome and friendly home environment.


Different from the communication posters, these Tile Posters were used to disseminate information about homecare and décor: Calculation Tips, Quick guide for the selection of tiles. These large-size posters were highresolution graphics, wall mounted.


An 18-ft tall totem structure was designed for the store identification signage with logo unit and key product category names in backlit. The circular branding elements were pasted directly over the ACP structure.

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