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Inca Digital creates magic with Contra Vision

Inca Digital, a specialist developer of large format flatbed UV printers, has won a ringing endorsement for its digital inkjet flexibility and results from see-through graphics specialist Contra Vision.

Contra Vision has recently developed a patent-protected system to enable one-way large format graphics to be printed by digital UV inkjet and displayed on transparent surfaces. The effect produces a stunning graphic on one side of the material with the ability to see through the graphic from the other side. Typical applications include car showroom booths, entrance doors, bus shelters and, in the UK, public telephone boxes.

Contra Vision Digital UVT can be made by Contra Vision licensees with virtually any UV printer equipped with white ink, but Roland Hill who invented the system says that Inca Digital’s Spyder 320+White printer is particularly well suited, “I can say without any doubt that everyone I have shown these Inca samples to has been amazed and agrees with me that the results are better than we ever anticipated.”

Essentially, the system works by laying down a print pattern of shapes, usually lines, across the surface. Contra Vision provides two basic products. In the first, an opaque print pattern is made up of a sequence of a black layer, a white layer and, finally, the image layer. Light can penetrate between the printed lines so that people can see through the reverse (black) side, while the front (white) layer has the image printed on it so that it can be clearly seen from the front. The second product, Contra Vision Backlite, Digital UVT, is a backlit version where the print pattern comprises a translucent white layer, with the image superimposed on one or both sides of this producing a graphic that can be backlit from either side.

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