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Inca Digital and HumanEyes partner to improve lenticular quality

To produce the best lenticular printing quality, large format inkjet printer manufacturer Inca Digital (now part of Dainippon Screen) and 3D/lenticular software specialist HumanEyes have been honing their skills and expertise. The volume and accuracy of the inkjet drop on an Inca Digital Spyder 320 enables printing onto10-40lpi (lenticule per inch) material commonly used in the wide format sector. An Inca Spyder press uses small 28 picolitre ink drops which, when combined with Inca software and highly tuned engineering, enables more lenticular ‘flips’ to be achieved and additional images to be seen than other flatbed equipment. As a result printers can now produce excellent lenticular results with relative ease.

According to Amir Veresh, vice president of marketing & business development at HumanEyes, “The higher the lpi, the narrower the lenticule and the thinner the lens. In order to create a lenticular effect we need to take several images/views and slice them into 1 pixel wide strips that are printed together under each lenticule to create the effect.”

HumanEyes, which supplies software to optimise the image adjustments required for lenticular, has worked closely with Inca Digital over the past 2.5 years.

HumanEyes has recently released the new LensFree workflow that will allow users to print backlit 3D and other lenticular effects with plain glass (or plexiglass) replacing the lenticular lens. This, in the applicable cases, will reduce the cost of printing because glass is significantly cheaper than lenticular substrate and allows users to create new applications such as interior and exterior building decoration, highly durable signage etc.

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