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Hybrid lighting controls

A range of models using this state-of-the-art micro controller based technology for various loads have been developed to suit the field requirements. These include SWADEEP 02 EC for hoardings and SIGN SWITCH for signages. These devices are not mere automatic switches but also offer extra protective features like auto over voltage trip and auto reset. They are designed to switch ON only after sunset when the natural light level falls below 60 lux. They offer a provision for switch OFF at sunrise or after expiry of duration. The products are meant for direct mounting in the outdoors and conform to IP54 and they are immune to artificial lights, dust, cloud, rain, humidity, fog, mist etc.

SIGN SWITCH is a product that can eliminate all the woes related to signage switching automation. This engineering marvel is unique and has the potential of providing maximum visibility to the signage, while conserving energy. The user can select the ON duration for the signage after sunset. Even the light level for switching ON can also be selected by the user. A host of other features bundled into the product include its capability to switch a load of upto 50 tube lights (3kW), memory back up for power interruptions, immunity to dust, cloud cover, bird sittings and artificial sources of light. The product does not call for any additional accessories and so no hidden costs. This switch is designed to be an integral part of the signage. It can be installed at the time of manufacturing the signage itself. It comes with FR & UV stabilized container to withstand tropical weather conditions. It has built-in by pass arrangement for day time checking and signage maintenance.

 On the other hand, SWADEEP 02 EC works on solar radiation and is controlled by a microprocessor based digital clock. It is designed to understand the sunlight and switch ON when light level drops below 60 lux and switch OFF when light level goes above 10 lux. The device offers a provision for switching OFF after expiry of duration from 4-8 hours with half hourly steps. The system is provided with memory backup during power interruptions. It has by pass arrangement for day time checking and comes with FR & UV stabilized body to withstand the tough outdoor weather conditions. They come in six models, convenient for single (three models: 3, 5 & 8kW) and three phase (three models: 5, 8 & 12kW) loads. These models come as outdoor mountable enclosure with all the needed accessories like mounting brackets, cable glands, lock & key arrangement, contactor and protective MCBs. The device has a built in over voltage sense, trip and auto reset and also a low voltage sense trip and auto reset. The MCB provides for over load sense trip and latch to provide the needed protection from circuit faults.

Kakatiya is set to display these lighting controls at Sign & Graphic Imaging Middle East 2007. For more info, email at or

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