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HP Scitex-Insight Communications installation reaches 75 mark

Together, HP Scitex and Insight Communications have set a record of installing 75 machines in a short span of two years.

HP Scitex and Insight Communications have completed 75-installation mark with the installation of 3C Visuals – Chennai of XL1500 (XLjet Premium – 8 colour, 3 meter).

At drupa 2004, HP Inkjet Industrial Division (HPIID), (formerly Scitex Vision) appointed Insight Communications as their distributors in India. Scitex has been aggressively marketing the entire range of its products, including premium machines like the Turbojet, Veejet and Corjet. They collectively have been successful in installing two Turbojets and a Veejet apart from their premium XLjet which has crossed the 20 installation mark now, the rest of the installations being that for the value for money machine – the HP Grand (Grandjet family).

Some of their satisfied list of customers includes bigwigs like Autographics, JMD, Interscan, Comart, Speed Print, Olive Imaging, etc. Another big satisfied customer of Scitex machines is the market leader in India – Macromedia Digital Imaging, headquartered in Hyderabad, which has a virtual farm of Scitex machines ranging from the Grandjets, XLjet and is soon planning to install a Superjet and a Corjet. Macromedia has printing locations in all the big metro cities of Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi.

Some of the big players having the Scitex machines are also the members of the Scitex Visionary Club, which has unique benefits comprising of both commercial and technical aspects. This is a worldwide programme, which helps the Scitex customers to interact with its international fellow industry personnel. This club also serves as a platform for HP Scitex to gather ideas and suggestions from the members to develop future products.

After the takeover of Scitex Vision by HP, HPIID has put in their efforts with many big corporate clients helping them to achieve consistent and standard prints all over the country. They have also worked with corporate brand managers to promote concepts like double-sided backlit printing for same day and night effect and printing on paper billboards etc.

In India, HP Scitex has a team stationed in India, comprising of a country manager and two Scitex engineers, while Insight Communications now has a set of 12 engineers servicing the machines in India.

Earlier, Insight Communications was better known as the leaders in pre-press equipment sales in India. They have a strong countrywide network of offices in all metros and have service locations in Hyderabad and Bangalore. The company is well managed by Ajay Aggarwal, sales director, handling the north and east region and N S Ahluwalia, sales director for south and western region. The company’s association with Scitex Vision has fulfilled many wishes of Scitex users in India. For example, the spares are now stocked locally in India and service engineers are present in all the major cities.

Also, inks are now being locally and easily available to all Scitex users. Ajay Aggarwal, sales director, Insight Communication says, “I would like to thank each of our customers to help us achieve the market leadership status in high-end industrial inkjet printers in India. In less than two years, with 75 units we are leading the high-end industrial inkjet superwide format market.”

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