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Hitting the fish’s eye

Signage designers can bring about lifestyle changes with their technical expertise, systematic and logical approach and creative solutions. New Delhi-based Fisheye Design is one such company which is instrumental in reinforcing their clients brand identity, without disturbing the ethical appeal of the overall surroundings.

Fisheye Design is a leading graphic design and consulting firm in New Delhi with a branch office in Goa. They strongly believe that creative ideas balanced with clear strategy, aesthetics and value make design work. The firm is ably led by Anjila Puri, the founder and creative director. Anjila graduated from the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad in 1991 and has over 15 years of work experience in design communication across industries, both globally and in India. “In the short but prolific history of graphic design, we realise the importance of content, the desire for emotional connections, the need for simplification and the necessity of ethical relevance in delivering graphic design solutions. At Fisheye, we acknowledge that we have a special responsibility not only to our clients but to society as a whole,” said Anjila Puri.

She further added, “Our responsibility as visual communicators is reflected in our design portfolio. This spans corporate identity design, print communication and packaging design, website and interactive design and signage design. We design engaging visual display systems and environments, which increase foot traffic, reinforce brand identity, set the mood and provide a unique sensory experience.”

Three important case studies from their signage portfolio include :

Client : Sitaram Bhartia Institute of Scientific Research
Project : Application of the logo to exterior and interior signage

A new logo was designed for the Institute as part of a new identity. Brand guidelines were defined clearly for correct usage of the logo across a variety of signage applications to maintain a consistent visual identity. Fisheye was further commissioned to develop a system for the external and internal signage system for the main hospital and an OPD Clinic in Gurgaon.

Using the brand colours and waveforms from the new logo, consistent graphics, icons and sway finding signage systems were designed to communicate the main services at the clinic.

The internal signage for the clinic included informational boards listing all facilities, three categories of identification signs, as well as statutory signs. The identification signs were made for rooms providing medical facilities, for utility services as well as internal use areas. Most signs were placed on doors, at eye level, but some larger signs were suspended from the ceiling in case of open spaces.

A range of pictograms were developed for most non-medical facilities/areas. The pictograms not only help a patient/visitor to identify the space faster, but also help those not familiar with English. The graphics also create a friendly atmosphere in a space that is primarily grim and serious. The statutory pictograms include terracotta in the colour palette, to grab attention and distinguish themselves from the remaining pictograms.

Client : Unitech Limited
Project : An environment signage & identity system for Nirvana Country

Fisheye was commissioned by Unitech to develop a signage system along with signage graphics and visuals for the upcoming luxury residential complex – Nirvana Country. Each residential complex, be in Aspen Court, Birch Court, Deerwood etc within Nirvana Country, is identified by simple forms and natural colours derived from the logo. Directional and identity signage gets translated in different sizes and materials throughout the complex using backlit acrylic to carved stone and large posters.

“There are immense possibilities of design solutions in the realm of signage design in India today, and it is much needed. Whether it is the new domestic or international airports, retail malls and shops, hospitals and OPD clinics, road and highway planning signage or even a refurbished transport signage system, signage designers can bring about life into the signages with their expertise and logical approach with creative solutions,” concluded Anjila Puri. More info can be had from:

Client : Reebok India
Project : Ansal Plaza Showroom

A series of supergraphics and category signages were designed to represent the RBK style- New York grunge and hip hop. The main shoe wall was designed on a large photographic backdrop of a span of 30 ft across. The exterior signage was executed as 3D backlit letters in white and red on a black backdrop. Interior signage included suspended category typography and category poster graphics which were colour coded and visually styled by Fisheye. 3D modeling and space dynamics were an intrinsic part of the design process.

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