Hexis ‘NATURally’ goes green

Hexis launches NATURally, a range of products that aim to be more environment friendly. These films are PVC-free and do not use any chlorine, solvents, plasticisers or heavy metals. The films in the NATURally range carry a M1F1 fire rating according to the NF F 16-101 standard and are particularly suitable for use in public places where regulations with regard to fire hazards are much more stringent. Products with a M1F1 fire rating are fire-retardant and do not release any toxic smoke.

Because of the absence of solvents HEXIS does not need to use the oxidiser during the manufacturing process. This has the benefits of reduced energy consumption for the drying of the films, reduced risk of fire on the production line, no risk of atmospheric pollution through the release of VOC and maximised safety for manufacturing staff.

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