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Have fun with vinyl graphics – stick and remove it easily


Vinyl graphics are a great way to advertise, especially on vehicles or any smooth surface. But, when it comes to replacing a vinyl graphic, the task seems enormous. Now think about a product, which you can just spray on the vinyl graphic and lo and behold, when you peel it off, both the graphic and the adhesive comes out in one go itself. Yes! It’s true with spray-on liquid vinyl remover like Vinyl-off 10-4.

Perhaps one of the most interesting application of vinyl graphics is the vehicle graphics, which give a unique look to any vehicle and serve as an effective advertising tool, 24 hours a days, whether the vehicle is on move or it is parked in a parking lot. Last week, I happened to see a car wrapped in an attractive graphic from a distance but when it came near, the graphic did not look smooth and I could actually see traces of the previous graphic. Perhaps the sign-maker could not remove the vinyl properly and hence the quality of the new graphic suffered. Hence, to ensure that the new graphic looks its gleaming best, vinyl should be properly removed before installation.

All those who are related to vinyl graphics business would agree that removing vinyl graphics is not easy. It is a real tedious job in getting it fully scrapped off. Care has to be taken that the surface is not damaged and in case of vehicles, the paint is not damaged. Very often, even if the vinyl is carefully removed, the adhesive remains sticking to the surface. For new vinyl installation, the surface should be smooth and clean, without any traces of old vinyl and adhesive.

A number of ways are employed to remove vinyl after its earlier function is over or one needs to have a new one. Some signmakers heat and steam the vinyl while some use hand-tools to remove them. Several chemical processes are also used for vinyl removal. But, all these processes are time-consuming and sometimes damage the surface if not used carefully.

More recently, we happened to notice a new product named Vinyl-off 10-4 liquid vinyl remover. This spray-on vinyl remover is biodegradable and water-soluble, besides being environment-friendly and safe. Just spray it and let it penetrate into the graphic for 10-15 minutes and then peel it off and see the vinyl and adhesive coming out, without causing any damage to the surface. You don’t need to scrap off the vinyl and it all happens just in a matter of minutes! The product seems to bring a revolution in the area of vinyl graphic removal, thereby improving productivity and saving a lot of cost as well.

So, all who wish to experiment with vinyl graphics but are afraid to install it, thinking about the tedious job to remove it at their will, can now actually have fun with these.

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