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Guandong continues ‘sustainability’ journey with PVC-free substrates

Guandong’s Green Promenade is moving firmly in the direction of sustainability. The company at the recent FESPA 2024 in Amsterdam announced the achievement of an important milestone. At the expo, the ‘Speciality Specialist’ unveiled a complete range of innovative PVC Free printing substrates, offering an eco-friendly alternative to all current product lines. The result of more than two years of research and development, the development of the new Fiberboo, the unprecedented biodegradable and compostable fabric made from natural bamboo fibres, made its official debut at FESPA 2024.

The new POLY-Ecobanner is made from 100 percent fully recyclable polyolefin resin. The surface of Poly-Ecobanner is treated to be printed with any type of ink, ensuring high quality and maximum use versatility. Produced with 75 percent recycled material, the new Poly-Ecobanner by Guandong belongs to the PVC Free range of solutions and facilitates the immediate recycling of prints at end-of-life, ensuring considerable savings in terms of disposal costs and energy consumption.

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