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Get on standardised on-premise signage

Now that we come upon the time where industry is awakened from a long slumber of economic recession. In such rejoice moment, I would like to share my fellow players in the industry some new ideas that in turn help broaden our horizon of prospects. It’s obvious that Indian signage industry over the last few years has achieved more than we expect—to mention the least. However, one vital component still missing its presence in our industry is the ‘standardisation’ of on-premise signage.

Well, every signage company hopefully understands the optimal value of a site where they take on to position on-premise signage. Even the concept is now more significant because it’s important to concern not only size and placement criteria for freestanding signage but also for all sorts of wall or parallel oriented ones. In such front, it’s wise to refer United States Sign Council (USSC) whose effort since its initial publication of Best Practices Standards for On-Premise in 2003 has marked a new milestone to determine optimum exterior sign visibility, legibility and placement.

Standardisation of on-premise signs is indeed indispensable when it comes to the case for adequately sized and positioned on-premise signage. Under this measure, we could able to set parameters for proper sign size, height and placement of sign. And its provision is looming large in the Indian signage segment. On-premise signage in Delhi moved to a new level as Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) is putting up LED screens across the city ahead of the Commonwealth Games Delhi 2010. The corporation has installed screens in a couple of shops in Connaught Place.

And the attention for implementation of standardised on-premise signage has to be paid in our retail sector too. It would definitely be a beneficial effort for retail store organisations across the country to standardise on-premise signs in all shopping malls, supermarket and hypermarket premises as well as in the areas wherever popular retail shops are situated.

When it comes to proper measure to face off against any variant billboard, your solution will be found only through such practical studies for signage best practices of USSC. Be prepared to move towards the implementation of this kind in our signage segment, not only to improve legibility but also the overall standard. Just log on to for a PDF download of the new edition of the USSC Best Practice Standards for On-Premise Signs. Come and join, let’s get standardised soon!

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