GE Current unveils LED snap solution for signage applications

Tetra Snap from GE Current is a new LED snap, which features a first-of-its-kind snap design that allows sign makers to snap LED modules into an aluminium extrusion. This innovative, unique design eliminates the need for screws, and allows users the flexibility to customise the product on-the-fly by choosing between three different light levels. Combined with the company’s patented OptiLens X optical design, this means even lighting on all sign faces, with modules placed as close or far apart as customers choose. Tetra Snap is a one-size-fits-all product for cabinet signs up to 37 inch in depth.

The newly launched snap is designed to make it as easy and as time-efficient as possible for sign makers to experiment and develop truly unique, remarkable signs. Like the entire Tetra lineup, Snap is a 24V product, cutting the amount of power supplies needed for any given sign when compared to 12V products, which greatly reduces material and labour costs while operating much more efficiently. GE Current is also announcing two recent updates to its signage lighting family—Tetra Atom and Select TX Gen 3. Tetra Atom is the company’s smallest module ever, for channel letters as shallow as 2.5cm and Select TX Gen 3 is the third generation of the Select TX LED lighting line.

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