Ess Dee Nutek implements CRM

Signage industry market leader Ess Dee Nutek Infinities Pvt Ltd has added another feather in their cap by first time implementing Customer Relationship Management (CRM), a website programme for lodging a prompt customer’s complaint and faster response from the company’s side.

They have the most, unique, elaborate, well-managed system of support, controlled from Delhi for what they like to call the Central Support Team (CST). From lodging a complaint providing complaint number to the client, and getting the daily technical report from all support personnel, they have made the system totally professional and transparent, for the customer to get exact responses and the fastest service throughout the country.

Their presence across 25 cities gives them national reach and a vast rollout support capability. Together with their formidable team of high-caliber professionals they have successfully positioned themselves at the vanguard of the signage services revolution.

And then providing support and services tirelessly, employing a good number of manpower throughout India, making their mission to keep the customer printing, have allowed them to have a phenomenal ratio of repeat business, where customers have chosen them again and again to fulfill their equipment needs.

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