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EPSON pioneering sustainable garment printing with pigment inkjet

In a groundbreaking collaboration, EPSON and renowned Japanese fashion brand Yuima Nakazato are revolutionizing the garment printing for the fashion industry by leveraging advanced pigment inkjet printing technology on Spiber’s Brewed Protein fiber. This innovative approach combines cutting-edge technology with more sustainable practices, setting a new benchmark for responsible textile production. With innovative use of Brewed Protein fibers, developed by Spiber using fermentation technology, EPSON is leveraging the potential for sustainable garment printing in the fashion world to captivate and inspire.

Yuima Nakazato’s latest collection features a unique blended fabric composed of 70 percent cotton and 30 percent Spiber’s Brewed Protein fiber. Utilizing EPSON’s range of pigment inks, Yuima Nakazato has printed on this innovative material to create stunning designs. Traditionally, printing on blended fabrics requires different types of dye inks, limiting the ability to achieve desired patterns and designs. However, EPSON’s Monna Lisa digital textile printing technology combined with pigment inks overcomes these limitations, enabling high-resolution prints on various fabric types.

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