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EPSON introduces colour chart-reading table spectrophotometer

EPSON has facilitated colour management for professional printers with the launch of its new Auto Table for the SD-10 spectrophotometer. Chart reading table-based spectrophotometers are considered the most accurate for ICC profiling.  EPSON’s new Auto Table for the SD-10 Spectrophotometer claims to address the common perception that colour management is time consuming and requires specialist technical knowledge and skills. The SD-10 is an easy-to-use, full-featured colour measuring device that when seamlessly combined with the new Auto Table and EPSON Edge Color Lite colour management software (compatible with Epson’s RIP software, Epson Edge Print PRO) offers a genuine colour management solution that addresses most colour management requirements and maximises print output quality.

EPSON claims the new solution is fast, with quick auto measurement, enabling users to create an ICC profile by measuring only 379 patches (1 x A3 sheet) and quick verification by measuring the chart with just 80 patches. The new Auto Table also helps solve colour matching problems in a wide range of print and design-related work, such as those commonly found in the sign and display and textile industries. By using the new Auto Table with Epson Edge Color Lite and the SD-10 spectrometer, users can create media profiles easily and quickly without any technical knowledge or skills.

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