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EL technology: revolutionising OOH advertising with wide range of applications

Electroluminescence (EL), the technology that enables animated advertising signage panels to be made lightweight and paper thin, has been developed to become even more compact and adaptable. In a recent technological advancement, the flexible EL display panel and its power source have been combined to make a single stand alone unit which can be very simply fixed onto a variety of different flat or curved surfaces. With the upgradation, this technology is capable to revolutionize the out-of-home advertising industry, widening its area of applications including portable signage and clothing for emergency and medical services and officials who need to be visible at events. Here is a brief.


 The world’s first electroluminescent
billboard campaign, Canada 
Based on the emission of light by a phosphor layer which is exposed to an electric field, EL technology boasts low power consumption and is one of the most energy efficient lights to exist using around eighty percent less electricity than other light sources.

Previously, to fix the EL unit to an item would require some modification to the item’s surface for concealing the power pack. But now, by creating a single unit incorporating a power source, the EL panel can be easily attached to any hard or soft material such as plastic, metal, wood and fabric. Recently, blue, red and green emitting thin film electroluminescent materials have been developed that offer the potential for long life and full colour electroluminescent displays.

Recent enhancements to the EL panel eliminates the need for a bulky battery pack, it simplifies and streamlines the manufacturing process and provides the end user with a better easy-to-use product. Each surface now has the potential to accommodate a brief advertising message that can broadcast complex designs both energy-efficiently and continually for over 25,000 hours with very little maintenance.

Scalable, flexible and reactive…

EL display panels are completely scalable from the outdoor billboard to an animated panel that is fixed to a T-shirt or cap and can be produced to be heat, light, sound or movement reactive; a promotional message that can react and animate depending on external factors. EL displays are not limited by size or shape and can be completely customised to provide a huge and diverse range of displays. Both light-weight and eye-catching EL technology lends itself perfectly to advertising and promotional clothing as the wearer effectively ‘broadcasts’ a branded message.

Wide range of applications…

The recent upgradation in Electroluminescence technology has widened its area of applications. Now, it is not only used in portable signage to promote brand and products, but also for emergency and medical services and officials who need to be visible at events. Powder phosphor-based electroluminescent panels are frequently used as backlights to liquid crystal displays. They readily provide a gentle, even illumination to the entire display while consuming relatively little electric power. Bags, caps or even a front doors are being recognised as having potentiallity of a brief advertising space.

Signage: Whether one needs animated signage for an exhibition or may be consumer led adverts in retail environment to drive sales, EL technology make possible to create eye catching signage panels of any size and shape, which are completely scalable from counter top displays to billboards, providing a safe and reliable performance.

T-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets and bags:

The EL panel can be fixed onto cloth by a number of methods such as stitching, Velcro or by using a light adhesive. Fun, safe and light weight, the panel can be programmed to flash brightly in a number of eye-catching patterns. Powered by button batteries which are incorporated into the stand alone unit, the panel can be made to flash by pressing a button on the unit or by a number of external stimuli such as movement, heat and sound. In order to wash the T-shirt or any item of clothing the flashing panel can easily be removed first.

Caps: The EL panel can be scaled down even further to be incorporated into headgear. Unlike t-shirt the flashing panel here is powered by AAA batteries which sit within a small controller box inside a hidden pocket in the cap. The controller box also has a switch which can alternate between one of the pre-set flashing patterns. The cap can be washed once the power pack and cable are removed.

Badges: The EL badges measure 60mm in diameter, can be hung around the neck like a pendant or pinned to clothing. They have pre-set flashing animation and can be scaled down even further in size if required. Badges are powered by button batteries giving 32 hours of animation and are the perfect, low-cost and eye catching promotional giveaway.

Table Lamps: Powered by three AAA batteries or a mains supply, these attention grabbing table lamps are available in various sizes and styles.

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