EFI launches EFI XF 4.1 colour management system

EFI has announced the availability of its newest upgrade to the EFI XF 4.1 software series. Key features include comprehensive cutting-engine support and powerful RGB print workflow. This offers users a one-stop inkjet production solution. The latest spot colour enhancements and extended support of the Epson WT7900 provides the packaging market with a high-quality, cost-effective solution.

EFI XF v4.1 integrates seamlessly with EFI Web Control Center, EFI’s web-based application for remote control and distribution of print jobs. These new features have been added to all EFI XF products: EFI Fiery XF for large to super-wide format, production printing, Fiery XF for Rastek, VUTEk and Jetrion as well as EFI Colorproof XF.

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