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Customised home décor on the anvil ?

The mantra ‘One size fits all’ is out, today personalisation is the keyword and everyone is looking for that unique commodity, which is specifically meant for them. Take an example of the direct mailers we receive, a few of these mailers have specific information targeted to our needs. Such mailers obviously have an edge over others and their purpose is largely fulfilled. All this is possible by digital printing, the applications of which are enormous. This innovation has changed the perspective of printing, bringing in newer applications, which we could hardly dream of.

Now, let’s take an example of a home or office, where each member has his/her own choice of colour on the walls, the furniture, the furnishings, etc. These choices vary from generation to generation and even individual to individual. An elderly lady would prefer a different kind of colours and graphics in the kitchen than a younger one. Now, let’s see how digital printing can facilitate this to happen. Youngsters are always on the look out for things that are different. Patterns/ colours on the wall, bedsheets, curtains, upholstery with regular designs do not appeal to them. They want their own designs in colours of their choice. All this is now possible with textile digital printers like DuPont Artistri, ColorSpan FabriJet XII, etc. With such printers, the output is limited only by imagination.

Infact, digital printing has many applications beyond this. Flatbed printing has opened a plethora of applications and today, even doors, shutters of cupboards, mirror frames, etc can be adorned with digitally printed graphics of choice, in sync with other décor of the room. Such applications were shown by New Delhi-based JMD Digital Art Xchange at the last ‘Inside Outside’ show in New Delhi, catering to interior and exterior decoration. It was just the beginning and since then, other players have also ventured in this field with a host of new applications to beautify homes and offices. Flatbed printers like VUTEk PressVu UV, NUR Tempo, Durst Rho, Inca Digital Spyder 320, HP Scitex VeeJet, Zund 205, etc have transformed the look of many nonflexible substrates.

As such, now each and every item can be decorated with creative graphics, be it geyser in the kitchen/bathroom or the wall/floor tiles. This may give an impetus to the interior decor, creating additional business areas for our sign-makers.

– S K Khurana

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