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Creating a spectacular effect with justRight rightBOND

Light and strong, rightBOND from justRight is elegant with easy processability, high corrosion resistance and low temperature resistance. Hence, it finds diverse applications in signages, interiors and architecture for petrol pumps, schools, hospitals, besides commercial and residential centres.
Due to its composite construction, rightBOND from justRight offers many advantages over conventional homogenous materials such as solid aluminium and steel. The company offers a range of materials like rightBOND aluminium composite panel, rightBOND FR fire retardant aluminium composite panel with a mineral core, rightBOND eco with multilayer polyester coating, rightBOND spectra with special iridescent spectrum colour effect, rightBOND specilaity with special finishes, rightBOND nano painted panels and rightBOND pvdf with fluorocarbon coating.

rightBOND can be easily formed into panels by way of routing and folding. The modular panels can be formed in the factory or on site and can be quickly installed with conventional fastening and claddng systems. This feature can save huge labour cost and shorten completion time. Besides, being coated with superior coatings and finishes, they provide resistance to fading, colour change, weather damage, corrosion and chalking.

The unique feature of rightBOND panel is its low resonance, not attainable by other building materials. Besides, they are easy to maintain as they can be washed with water and mild detergent.

Hence, they are increasingly being used for interiors where easy clean feature is required for wall paneling, column cladding, false ceiling, furniture, etc. They are also used for furniture cladding, POPs, POS etc and for corporate identity design. Other applications include exterior facades or cladding, roofs, canopies, soffits for diverse buildings such as commercial, residential, institutional – hospitals, schools, trade centers, cultural centers, airports, railway stations, tunnels, bridges etc.

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