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ColorGate and Epson speed up the world of screen-printing

ColorGate FilmGate and Epson inkjet printer have revolutionalised the world of screen-printing by doubling the speed in film production with significantly higher quality in the results. The almost legendary interaction between the ColorGate and Epson technologies plays a decisive role in the gain in speed. The new Epson Ink Photo Black in the Stylus PRO 7400/9400 models supported by the ColorGate FilmGate is what makes this incredible leap.

ColorGate Screenfilm is perfectly designed to allow a smooth running digital workflow and is ideal for high-end film imaging on inkjet printers.

Process using FilmGate technology: open job file into the software, create screen and color-accurate film positives on the inkjet printer, produce perfect printing stencils/screens with the film positives, and print the final product on the screen printer.

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