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Carmanah LEDs sparkle all through Uncle Sam’s territory

Sparkling LEDs definitely add more to any city’s outlook and when it has been done by specialists, the results are bound to be outstanding. We simply cannot resist praising them. S&G brings the latest LEDs sparkling all through Uncle Sam’s territory.
Canada-based Carmanah Technologies Corporation, one of the world’s premier suppliers of renewable and energy-efficient technologies, including LED-illuminated signage, solar-powered LED lighting and solar power systems and equipment, has received an initial $285,000 order for LED internally illuminated street name signs for a high profile sign replacement project in midtown Manhattan, New York.

With more than 250,000 installations worldwide, Carmanah’s LED sign technology is being deployed at intersections in two of the largest business improvement districts in New York City. The signs are installed around famous Midtown Manhattan landmarks, including the Empire State Building, Grand Central Station, the Chrysler Building and Madison Square Gardens.

Carmanah’s LED sign technology was chosen after years of research and extensive fieldtesting of several options for illuminated street name signs. Sign functionality and performance, as well as Carmanah’s reputation for high quality and excellent customer service were key factors in the selection process. Carmanah worked closely with the business improvement districts to develop a customized sign solution that met performance specifications and also fit within the design scheme for New York’s street name signage. Carmanah’s internally illuminated street name signs offer an ultra slim profile, extreme durability with high wind load ratings, and a variety of mounting options.

“While Carmanah street name signs are normally supplied to cities, counties and DOTs, business improvement districts across North America are now looking to this technology to improve district streetscapes, while enhancing driver and pedestrian safety,” said Art Aylesworth, Carmanah CEO. Also Reno Casino, Nevada recently lit up its slots with Carmanah LED edge-lit signs. The striking colour-changing, doublespaned signs were customized to display the casino’s unique mountains-and-trees logo and enhance the casino’s design theme. Thousands of Carmanah’s unique, award-winning illuminated signs can be found in over 450 casinos, hotels and cruise ships around the world.

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