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Canon TM Series printers designed for borderless printing with no restriction

Canon TM Series, a line of highly versatile wide-format printers from Canon, is ideally designed for tasks where ideas of PSPs meet infinity. Of the unique features of the new large-format printers include its capability to print borderless—no edge, no limit! When clicking on Borderless Setting in the system, the Borderless Setting dialog box will appear and dragging the slide bar to the right will increase overflow, while dragging it to the left will reduce it. The second position from the right is recommended for most cases.

If the Amount of Extension slide bar is set to the far right position, the back of the paper may come out stained. So, select a method for printing borderless. Place a checkmark next to Print Image with Actual Size in Borderless Printing Method. Complete the setting process and Click OK. Then the job will print to original size without white border. If Amount of Extension is set to the second from the right, create the source document with a size 2mm larger on each of the top, bottom, left and right sides than the size of the media. This is how Canon TM Series works for borderless printing with no restriction.

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