Caldera releases Version 15.1 of its RIP workflow

French wide format software creator Caldera has announced the release of the latest update of its award-winning RIP program, CalderaRIP Version 15.1. Starting in June 2022, users will be able to update their RIP to access a range of new features designed to increase performance, output quality, and productivity. Highlights of this new update include an improved nesting algorithm, CalderaJobs’ compatibility with Windows, and four exclusive features for CalderaCare subscribers. In addition, this update supports the cutters of French manufacturer VERSO, and more than 42 new Print & Cut drivers have been added to the V15.1 ISO.

Along with Version 15.1, the company is also releasing version 1.14 of CalderaDock, the toolbox to manage the license and installation of all Caldera solutions. With this new version, users can login to their WorkSpace account directly from CalderaDock to access their information. Production administrators will also appreciate the increased flexibility, security, and control during the installation process. The new features and improvements included in Version 15.1 contribute to making it the most comprehensive, flexible, and powerful RIP solution on the market.

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