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ASLAN releases new anti-graffiti laminate

ASLAN announces the launch of LoopPET AntiGraffiti ASLAN SRL 96, an anti-graffiti laminate, suitably designed protection against graffiti graphics. ASLAN’s portfolio of laminates is being expanded to include a new product that provides safer and more sustainable protection against graffiti. Dirt and damage caused by graffiti in public spaces is annoying and costly, requiring intensive cleaning. As a solution to this issue, ASLAN has been successfully supplying the AntiGraffiti ASLAN SL 95 protective laminate for years. The new LoopPET AntiGraffiti ASLAN SRL 96 is a self-adhesive, highly transparent, 50µm gloss laminate, made from 70 percent recycled polyester (PCR-PET) and is specifically for the protection of printed media.

Due to its special surface coating, the scratch-resistant laminate offers reliable protection against spray paint and contamination from permanent markers. Therefore, graffiti can be easily removed residue free. Aggressive anti-graffiti cleaners can also be used regularly without damaging the surface. While the AntiGraffiti ASLAN SL 95 is still available from the company’s product range, ALSAN would recommend swapping to the new product for sustainability reasons.

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