Zünd introduces monitoring tool to optimise digital cutting

High machine availability and productivity are essential for profitable cutting and finishing. As simple as this may sound, it is no small thing in the day-to-day production environment. Where do the relevant key performance indicators come from? This is where Zünd Connect comes in. The web-based monitoring tool gives the user access to cutter performance data at a glance, any time of day. Reliable key performance indicators are available at all times to help users maximise productivity. The system records productivity levels over a freely definable period using Zünd Cut Center – (ZCC Version 3.4 or later) as a data source. Data monitoring provides information users need in order to make informed decisions.

This comprehensive overview of production data reveals connections that are often overlooked. Zünd Connect supplies valuable key performance indicators for assessing how efficiently cutting systems are working. To be able to improve cutter efficiency, potential areas of improvement must be uncovered and recognised. This potential lies primarily in the technology but also in the way it is being used. Overview: this dashboard provides past production data and indicates, for example, fluctuations in machine utilisation. The user can select various views and switch between indices for overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), availability and capacity. In addition, a filter function can be used to compare performance across different shifts.

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