XANTE’s announces latest UV flatbed printer for signage

XANTE announces the X-55 UV flatbed printer, which is designed to quickly produce full-colour signage, decorative items, personalised awards or unique promotional items in minutes. The system has UV high-density inks for the X-55 and all of its UV printers are sold in economical half litre bottles. X-55 takes its proven UV print technology to the next level with a larger bed size (127 x 139.7cm/50 x 55 inch), and doubles the production speeds of its flatbed UV products.

Based on up to 4 EPSON i3200 4-channel printheads, the CMYKW X-55 prints in bold vibrant colour on virtually any rigid media, including wood, glass, stone, metal, acrylic and Coroplast and is powered by the award-winning iQueue Adobe Postscript/PDF workflow software. Capable to print up to 6 45 x 60.90cm (18” x 24”) signs simultaneously, dramatically increasing speed and efficiency of production, Xante’s iQueue Adobe PDF workflow, it is designed now to achieve magnificent multi-panel wall art, accurately manage spot colours, control print quality, create multi-up imposed layouts, and much more.

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