XAAR 2002 printhead pulls crowd at Unicereamics Expo

XAAR received outstanding feedback on its high resolution 720 dpi ceramic inkjet solution for wall tiles and big slabs used in furniture applications displayed at the Uniceramics Expo held recently in Foshan, China. Visitors to the company’s stand witnessed at first-hand the exceptional print quality delivered from the XAAR 2002 printing at 720 dpi, enabled by the company’s unique TF Technology and High Laydown Technology. Visitors were able to easily compare samples of tiles printed using the same machine and same ink at both 720 dpi and 360 dpi, with the fine detail and depth of colour instantly apparent.

With strong market demand, China is currently the largest ceramic production centre in the world. Majority of tiles in the market are printed at 360 dpi or 400 dpi, which is an acceptable resolution for floor and wall tiles. However, with the growth in big slab applications such as dining tables, kitchenware and sanitary ware, viewing distances are much closer, and customers are therefore looking for higher quality tiles with higher resolution and definition. Xaar’s technology has unique advantages in these applications and the high-resolution tiles displayed clearly demonstrated the quality of 720 dpi print provided by the Xaar 2002 printhead.

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