Summa releases new 1810 laser cutter for textiles

Summa announces the launch of L1810, a 2nd Generation laser cutter with increased production capacity enabling companies in the textile, sportswear and apparel industries to process rush jobs and bulk orders. The L1810 has been released in Europe and will launch in Asia Pacific and the US in May. The new L1810 2nd Generation is the first laser cutter fully developed by Summa. It combines the years of experience by Summa’s laser division in the UK with the experience Summa has in producing on a larger scale. New GoProduce software complements the L1810 2nd generation and results in a powerful laser cutting solution. The software includes several easy-to-use options and features to establish a fully automated workflow.

Summa L1810 combines industrial design with an excellent laser source, optimal power control, an efficient feeding system and an improved scanning system, according to a Summa press release. Optimal power control through Summa OptiPower Technology (OPT) of the machine keeps the laser-focused and precise, even in larger working areas for a longer time. Consistent precision and quality thanks to the small, extremely focused laser beam leaving edges sealed and soft without fraying.

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