ORAFOL responds to global demand for PVC-free media

ORAFOL announces its new PVC-free films and laminates which are specially developed to meet the increasing demand for sustainable solutions in the signage advertising and automotive sectors. The innovative and partly new products for vehicle wrapping and digital printing were introduced during the FESPA 2022 Berlin and the media are alternatives to its standard range. The range includes ORAJET 3971RA+ ProSlide, RAGUARD 2815 Stone Guard and ORAJETb 3720/3740.

ORAJET 3971RA+ ProSlide is the cast thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) film developed as a PVC-free alternative for vehicle wrapping and other long-term applications. The film offers very good formability. The high-gloss, white, PVC-free film offers the best printability on all digital printing platforms. RAGUARD 2815 Stone Guard is a transparent, clear, thermoplastic polyurethane film. The film is designed to protect vehicle surfaces against a variety of influences, such as stone chips, road dirt, insects, stains, small to medium scratches, chemical soiling and weather influences – without affecting the original paint colour.

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