ORAFOL invests $239 million to expand production facility

The international ORAFOL Group, a leading manufacturer of high-performance self-adhesive special products, is investing $239 million to expand production at its headquarters in Oranienburg, Brandenburg, Germany. The bulk of this investment is in the construction of two new production halls, equipping the halls with production equipment and networking the equipment to a digital production planning system by 2024.

In the first construction phase, ORAFOL will establish a completely autonomous production facility that will be used to finish plastics for numerous industries. The building will be constructed in accordance with the latest energy standards and will fulfil the most stringent safety requirements, for example regarding fire protection. On April 28, 2022, ORAFOL broke ground on the first building in the current investment cycle. The company is currently building a new production facility at the company’s 250,000 sq m campus in Oranienburg.

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