OneVision updates Asura software

The creation of proof forms and nesting reports are a tedious, time-consuming task for print service providers (PSPs) and one that is not paid for. With the development of the new version 21.1, OneVision has equipped its pre-press package Asura with powerful new features when it comes to ‘automated print file preparation’ and ‘PDF workflow’. OneVision now provides pre-configured assembly lines and templates that enable automated generation of proof forms and nesting reports, and thus fully automate these processes. The functionality can be used by all Asura and Automation Suite users through the ‘Proof Forms and VDP’ module.

The term ‘PDF/UA’ refers to a defined ISO standard for barrier-free PDF technology, which allows content to be output by screen readers. This standard is mandatory, especially at universities, for administrative purposes and archiving. To ensure that the output file complies with this standard, OneVision’s Preflight can now automatically check whether it is a valid PDF/UA document. Incorrect documents will be rejected, while correct files will retain their UA status during output. In addition, OneVision’s Nesting module includes added functionality.

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