Omicron shifts 15th PRINTPACK INDIA from March to May

IPAMA has recently convened the 121st meeting of its Governing Council virtually, which was attended by majority of its members. The most important point, to organise the 15th PRINTPACK INDIA, was discussed and deliberated. Keeping in view the prevailing conditions and recommendations of the exhibitors, associate partners and in consultation with the officials of India Expo Centre, the Governing Council had decided to postpone the exhibition to May 26-30, 2022 which appears a safe period for all.

The 15th PRINTPAK INDIA was scheduled to be organised from March 11-15, 2022. IPAMA had also finalised various arrangements well in time for the largest show in the country on printing and packaging industry. However, due to sudden increase in COVID-19 and Omicron cases in different States, the office bearers and IPAMA secretariat officials had discussed with senior representatives of the exhibitors and the associate partners to ascertain their views relating to the organisation of the exhibition on the scheduled dates. Majority of them had

recommended to postpone the same for a couple of months, but they were not keen to postpone it for a longer period, so is why the expo is now scheduled to be held from May 26-30, 2022.

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