New software from OneVision shortens print make-ready times

New software called Generate Print Form from OneVision can be used by print service providers (PSPs) who, until now, have worked without a MIS. As a mini-MIS, it can be used to manually create jobs, including job and customer information, job tracking and upload function for print files. All production machines and materials, including their specifications, are created as master data in the software itself. Users can specify which combinations of press and post-press machines are suitable for which substrate or job. Once these settings have been made, the new OneVision software intelligently and accurately creates print forms tailored to the quantity and type of print files and the requirements of the production machines.

The tailored print forms include free-shape artworks which are nested or ganged, rectangular elements are arranged in a space-saving manner or placed via step-and-repeat and round objects are positioned via honeycomb nesting. As soon as a print form is ready, Generate Print Form adds print marks that are needed by finishing machines for cutting or embellishment. With the launch of the software, OneVision provides an ideal, intelligent calculation of forms for print jobs, taking into account various parameters such as number of pieces, delivery date and material consumption. The intelligent combination of different print jobs achieves significant time and substrate savings and thus a more economical operation for PSPs.

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