New soft touch ‘Resilient’ foam board from Gilman Brothers

Gilman Brothers Company unpacks soft touch new ‘Resilient’ foam board which meets rave reviews among industry leaders and brand owners. The patent-pending material, named for its compressive and tension rebound properties, has quickly become the fastest-growing product segment in the company’s 125-year history. Resilient is a velvety soft, fine-cell foam board that recovers quickly after compression and features a true-black finished edge that requires no banding. The lightweight, ultra-smooth, semi-rigid board is capable of providing the highest-quality display appearance compared to traditional foam boards.

Resilient is available in both print and mount versions and can be customised with a variety of accessory surface treatments, making it a versatile option for brands and fabricators. Because it is lightweight and requires no costly hanging systems, it is a perfect choice for creating 3D signage like large block letters and dimensional indoor wall decor. Unique features of Resilient provide flawless execution while providing cost-saving solutions.

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