New series Generation-4 flatbed models from swissQprint

With advanced mechanical features that promise a quantum leap for users swissQprint announces a new series of Impala and Nyala models. The core of the new flatbed printers is cutting-edge printhead technology along with advanced mechanical features that promise a quantum leap for users – especially when it comes to output quality. New printheads are the centrepiece of the new generation. Maximum resolution of 1350 dpi and ultra-high-precision droplet placement significantly boosts the print quality of the Impala and Nyala models. Both printers also benefit from an impressive increase in output for certain production print modes. The Oryx model is almost 40 percent faster than its predecessor, making it a truly outstanding entry-level printer.

The new series models have incorporated various mechanical improvements into Generation-4, singling out the Tip Switch Vacuum (patent pending) as a highlight. The table is divided into as many as 256 segments that users can quickly and easily switch on or off at the touch of a finger. This eliminates tedious and time-consuming masking – also in the gap between boards and dual rolls. Because there is no air leakage, the vacuum develops its full force and reliably holds down hard-to-handle media.

The new range offers a host of options for individual configuration. Users can have their printer assembled exactly in line with what they require today. If their needs or requirements change, they can add a diverse range of options to the printer at any time.

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