MagnaColours announces water-repellent treatment for textiles

Responding to the continued drive to eliminate PFCs (perfluorinated chemicals), which are commonly found in water-repellent treatments, from the garment and textile supply chain, MagnaColours announces the launch of ITO range that has been specially developed to provide an enhanced mix of high performance and environmental sensitivity. AQUASHIELD+ offers superior water-repellency performance over conventional paraffin wax or acrylate-based products and can be applied to cellulosic, synthetic, and blended fabric compositions.

The new product offers high levels of water-repellency performance when applied to textiles – even at low concentrations, allowing for reduced manufacturing associated costs. Unlike existing PFC-free water-repellent treatments, a key feature of AQUASHIELD+ is its durability to dry cleaning treatment, significantly widening fabric end-use opportunities for manufacturers and retailers alike. AQUASHIELD+ has been put through its paces in the MagnaLab to ensure if fulfils the technical requirements of leading garment retailers around the globe.

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