IKEA gears up for opening Worli store

Swedish retailer IKEA will open its first city store at Worli in Mumbai on December 9, 2021. The store is part of the company’s efforts to build smaller format stores in the middle of large bustling cities. The is 80,000 sq ft; in contrast IKEA’s typical big box store is spread between 400,000-500,000 sq ft. The city store format allows IKEA to be adapted to smaller spaces in an urban context and makes it more convenient for the many customers to experience the IKEA offer. Consumers will be able to shop the entire IKEA range based on a well-integrated digital and physical shopping experience. Globally, the retailer has such city stores in Paris, Vienna and Shanghai among other cities. Opening of flagship IKEA stores in new cities is a new business opportunity for the signage companies engaging in in-store graphics, displays and such projects.

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