HP towards environmental protection with its ‘Recycled Satin Canvas’

What is left wondering what on earth we can do to put a stop to plastic pollution? HP is at the forefront of this effort and is fiercely dedicated to environmental protection efforts. This has led to the creation of a new product in the form of HP Recycled Satin Canvas, a printable canvas made from 100 percent recycled water bottles retrieved from the ocean during organised clean-ups. HP Recycled Satin Canvas is entirely compliant with the REACH European Commission standard for the protection of human health and the environment, making it eligible for return through the HP Large-Format Media take-back programme.

HP Recycled Satin Canvas offers a more eco-conscious media solution for printers around the world. A durable media that resists edge cracking when stretched, the canvas produces outstanding image quality and precise colours on a bright white, slightly textured, satin-finish canvas, and is suitable for print applications such as photo enlargements, reproductions and retail, corporate and hospitality décor. HP Recycled Satin Canvas is lower priced than most like-for-like media, offering printers cost savings in addition to environmental benefits.

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