HEXIS training centre trains Formula 1 paint technicians

Application of self-adhesive film requires a high level of technical expertise, even more so when applying it to a Formula 1 single-seater. This is why the paint technicians at Alpine approached the teams at HEXIS’ Training Centre. The partnership between HEXIS and the BWT-Alpine F1 Team underlines a relationship of trust which has been made concrete by the training of the racing team’s technicians in Frontignan.

HEXIS devised a customised colour to match the requirements of the Alpine racing team. The Training Centre then hosted Alpine technicians to train them in the application of HEXIS self-adhesive films. It is a technical partnership that links the two entities – HEXIS and Alpine – in the supply of vinyl media. The HEXIS R&D laboratory is currently developing high performance self-dhesive films for the team at home in the cradle of British motor racing—Enstone. HEXIS self-adhesive vinyl films are technically advanced and tailored to the requirements of the world of Formula 1 racing.

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