Fisher Textiles launches new canopy tent fabric media

Fisher Textiles announces the launch of GF 5300 Waterfall—a new dye sub-printable canopy tent fabric that has a durable water-resistant (DWR) treatment for outdoor use. When wet, water beads up on the fabric’s surface instead of leaking through the material, making it an excellent choice to withstand precipitation elements. Tested under AATCC 22-2017, ‘Water Repellency: Spray Test,’ the newly launched Fisher Textiles GF 5300 Waterfall measures the water-repellent efficacy. The grading system used is from 100 (no sticking or wetting of upper surface) to 0 (complete wetting of whole of upper and lower surfaces).

Range of applications of Fisher Textiles GF 5300 Waterfall includes street pole banners, awnings, and home decor products such as water-resistant table cloths and shower curtains. This new fabric media is available in 122-inches wide, with weigh of 6.9 oz/ sq yd, and it is fully flame retardant.

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