FESPA Awards 2023 open for submissions

Submissions open for FESPA 2023 Awards for both members and non-members. The awards are now open to print service providers (PSPs) and sign makers looking to highlight their outstanding examples of print. This year, FESPA has added a new category to zone in on sustainably produced applications. This award will be judged across all categories against environmental considerations, including a reduction in the use of materials; energy and labour throughout production; whether the product can be reused or recycled; if notable attention has been paid to lifecycle analysis; and whether the entry is economically viable.

The FESPA Awards will also welcome entries into these categories: Display and POP on Paper and Board; Packaging on Paper and Board; Display and POP on Plastic; Packaging on Plastics; Posters; Serigraphies and Fine Art; Decals and Printed Labels; Wrapping; Creative Special Effects: Paper Board and Plastics; Special Effects on T-shirts, Garments and Other Textiles; Printed Garments; Roll-to-Roll Printed Textiles; Glass, Ceramic, Metal and Wood Products; Direct Printing on Three Dimensional Products; Non-Printed Signage; Functional Printing: Fascias, Dials and Name Plates; and Printeriors. The final category is the Young Star Award, which can be entered by those aged 16 to 25 working as a vocational trainee or student in digital or screen printing and design. Voting for this award will be open from February 13, 2023.

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