EPSON to launch two new T3200 printheads

Seiko EPSON Corporation is adding two new printheads, T3200-U3 (‘T3200’) and T1600-U3 (“T1600”), expanding its PrecisionCore line-up that will deliver high print quality at high speed for applications such as signage. T3200-U3 (‘T3200’) enables simultaneous, high-quality, four-colour CMYK printing at high speed from a single printhead. Furthermore, incorporating a heater in the printhead makes printing possible even with highly viscous UV ink, and thus can provide an optimal digital printing environment especially for printing signage and product packages. The two-colour T1600-U3 (“T1600”) will be released to market at the same time in the second half of the 2021 fiscal year ending March 2022.

The new printheads will expand EPSON’s PrecisionCore printhead offerings to a six series line-up and provide a diverse range of digital printing environments. Unique features of the T3200 include its competency in delivering four-colour CMYK from a single printhead. Ordinarily, a pair of two-colour printheads must be combined to print in four-colours of ink. The T3200, however, can eject the four CMYK colours from a single printhead. Moreover, a precision-processed positioning mechanism will save customers time, trouble, and money while providing high-quality printing, because customers will not have to engineer a mechanism to determine the spacing between printheads or make adjustments during installation.

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