EFI announces Reggiani Hyper as ‘fastest’ ever scanning textile printer

EFI has introduced its third new digital textile printer of 2021— Reggiani Hyper which is designed to print at up-to 13 linear meters per minute, delivering the highest real production throughput for a scanning/multi-pass digital textile printer. The scanning printer is available in 1.8 m, 2.4-mr or 3.4-m widths. With an up to eight-colour configuration, it prints at up to 13 linear meters per minute in production mode, making it the fastest ever textile scanning printer on the market. It’s suitable for high-quality production on knitted or woven fabrics and is designed with smart technology that enables it to be integrated into Industry 4.0 projects.

EFI promoted the new EFI Reggiani Hyper printer at TME Exhibition Textile Machinery Fair 2021 held from the September 8-11 at Istanbul Expo Center. The printer delivers greater throughput than other scanning printers. It has a unique design for its 72 printheads – which re-circulates ink up to the heads’ nozzle plate – and the legacy EFI Reggiani continuous ink recirculation system. Hyper is also a champion for uptime and reliability, maximising printer availability for production with excellent printing results.

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