EFI announces new versatile UV LED display graphics inkjet ink

EFI announces new EFI ProGraphics XA high-adhesion ink – a versatile UV LED display graphics inkjet ink suitably designed for a wide range of rigid and flexible media to be churned on EFI Wide Format flatbed and hybrid roll/flatbed printers. ProGraphics XA ink delivers superior results on corrugated plastics and other substrates with adhesion challenges. The ProGraphics XA ink does not chip during cutting when used on standard acrylic, corrugated plastic or other fluted polypropylene media.

In addition, ProGraphics XA ink is flexible enough for 180-degree heat forming applications. Bringing this advanced ink to the EFI Pro 24f, Pro 30f, Pro 16h and Pro 30h wide-format printers gives sign and display graphics operations more capabilities in the range of applications they offer to customers. When purchasing an EFI printer, customers can choose the ProGraphics Series UV LED ink set that best meets their application needs. Other ProGraphics inks include: EFI – 3M ProGraphics UV LED ink for flexible applications, including those that need to be stretched or heated or require the 3M MCS Warranty.

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