Drytac signifies countertops as a blank canvas for graphics

Shaun Holdom, global product manager, Drytac, has revealed that countertops are the point where a business will have one of its first interactions with its customers. They are prominent features in many locations including retail, restaurants, bars, gyms, medical settings, hotels, schools and more, and present an incredibly unique way of connecting with people. Much like the walls that surround them and the floor underneath, countertops are a blank canvas and offer all sort of opportunities when it comes to placing graphics.

Be it generating new sales, improving brand awareness, providing information or promoting products, countertop graphics can be an extremely valuable marketing asset. While these graphics may be used by many brands for decoration and raising awareness, there is also the potential to add useful functionality to further boost interaction with people. Take for example a fast-food restaurant counter; here, graphics could be installed to display a menu and highlight special offers on food, as well as instructing customers how to order their food online via a printed, scannable QR code integrated into the design.

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