Color-Logic certifies swissQprint Impala 3 printer

Color-Logic has certified the swissQprint Impala 3 printer. Upon reviewing the certification samples submitted, Richard Ainge, Color-Logic CTO and Co-Founder, stated that the swissQprint Impala 3, with its white ink and ability to handle metallic substrate, offers users and their customers, together with Color-Logic software, the opportunity to produce superior metallic images. The qualification test sheets submitted by the Shawmut Communications Group demonstrated the superior printing capability of the printer.

Impala 3 achieves this because, although the UV system performs at up to 206 sq m/h, it has no such thing as a draft mode. The secret lies in the latest technology used by the print heads. Moreover, a large printing area does not necessarily mean a large machine. The swissQprint largeformat printers are known for their print quality, and now the quality has been improved even more. The Impala 3 and Nyala 3 has a a lot of mechanical improvements. The beem is made longer and is reinforced in both width and length to ensure a constant distance to the media over the 3.2 meters as the printheads move.

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