ColDesi introduces DTF transfer kit for DTG G4 printer

ColDesi announces the introduction of a new and free DTF Transfer Kit with its direct-to-garment printing machine, DTG G4. The G4 DTG printer previously made headlines for its patented vacuum platen. This advancement in DTG printing technology improves production time, creates more vibrant images, and reduces maintenance on the G4. Now the company reports wider marketability and customer problem-solving with the DTF printing capabilities of the DTG G4. This already revolutionary t-shirt printer now solves for three common limitations of DTG printing in general:

Traditionally, DTG printing has been the top option for decorating 100 percent cotton t-shirts, with some success in producing high quality prints on cotton-heavy blends. But getting consistently great results on both synthetic blends and especially 100 percent dark polyester t-shirts has been challenging. Direct to film transfers printed with the new G4 DTF for DTG kit can be easily applied to those problem materials – doubling the opportunity for sales.

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