Caldera software supports newly launched HP DesignJet printers

The newly launched HP DesignJet Z9+ Pro and the Z6 Pro series printers can now be driven using CalderaRIP Version 14.1. Designed for high-end specialist print service providers (PSPs), photo labs and more, the series combines superior colour reproduction and an advanced security system to suit various applications requiring premium image quality, media flexibility and a wider colour gamut. CalderaRIP is engineered to make HP printers perform at their best while meeting customer requirements and achieve a fast return on investment.

When it comes to accuracy, Caldera’s RIP solution embeds premium components to always ensure perfect results no matter the application or substrate. The latest version of the powerful Adobe PDF Print Engine ensures a reliable reproduction of designs on any surface, while the outstanding X-Rite i1Prism Profiler manages ICC profiling to let users keep control over colours and ensure smooth gradients. Compatible with more than 1600 print and cut drivers, CalderaRIP is a fully scalable solution designed for all types of digital printing environments and applications.

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