Caldera releases updated RIP drivers for Canon Colorado printers

Caldera has announced the release of updated RIP drivers for the Canon Colorado 1630 and 1650 models, to make them compliant with the printers’ new firmware. Both firmware updates (R3.1 for the 1630 and R2.5 for the 1650) bring the ability to mix matt and glossy printing in one print instead of the two passes needed in previous versions. With its unique UVgel technology, the Colorado 1630 large-format printer combines excellent quality, high productivity and versatility, making it ideal choice for print service providers looking for a flexible solution.

Colorado 1630 is designed to add the unique, proven benefit of UVgel technology to roll-to-roll offering. A smart choice for print service providers (PSPs) looking for flexibility, they can configure the base system to the needs, and upgrade later as volumes grow. Benefit from the award-winning Colorado image quality and safely rely on its productivity and unsurpassed automation. Meanwhile, wide application range will astound customers and help PSPs differentiate from competitors.

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