Caldera launches first eco-print calculator

Caldera introduces the first carbon footprint calculator dedicated to the wide format printing industry. The fully redesigned and upgraded version of its cost visualization software for wide format printers, CostView 3.0 has been improved with new features, a brand new design and an industry premier module for carbon footprint monitoring. Calculate your printing’s carbon footprint. Positioned as a dashboard for a manager sensitive to production costs, CostView now has an eco-sensitive dimension. Its newest and most important feature is the addition of a carbon footprint analysis tool. Users can now indicate the carbon dioxide rejected by each of the elements of the job.

The new 3.0 version is above all a tool intended for printers to monitor all costs pertaining to printing. It is a fully integrated production management tool which extracts information about jobs directly from the RIP spooler, thus enabling a production manager to control, modify, study and export all costs pertaining to a job.

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